Certified true Copy attestation in Dubai – Personal Documents

Certified True Copy Attestation in Dubai. The attestation of a document as a certified true copy is a crucial step in the verification process that is used to check the document's authenticity. True copy attestation cannot be provided in the absence of the original document; however, true copies of the document can be supplied in the event that someone presents both the original document and a Xerox copy of it. A lawyer has signed and stamped the Xerox copy of the document. Certified copies of very common documents include those such as passports, utility bills, Emirates IDs, driving licenses, bank statements, academic certificates, experience certificates, birth certificates, employment letters, experience letters, certificates, degrees, transcripts, mark certificates, and international licenses.

Documents that have been witnessed and authenticated by a lawyer can be used for a variety of purposes, including the application for a visa to Canada, Australia, Malta, or Dominica; the registration of a company in another country; the purchasing or selling of real estate; and financial transactions. Attestation as a certified true copy is something that lawyers in Dubai and elsewhere in the UAE do for the majority of the documents that are produced. In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), notaries public do not attest to the authenticity of copies of passports, utility bills, certificates, degrees, or transcripts. Because of this, it can solely be attested to by an attorney.