Ecommerce Data Scraping Guide 2024

In 1979, when Michael Aldrich invented Electronic shopping, no one thought that it would be worth trillions of dollars in 2024. From its humble journey since then to its highly sophisticated e-marketplaces in the contemporary period, eCommerce has come a long way. Today there are a mammoth 26.5 million eCommerce websites globally with an estimated 6+ trillion US dollars in sales. The USA alone powers 14 million ecommerce stores. At first glance, the data is extremely pleasing when considering the prospects for ecommerce businesses, but it poses a rare challenge for new entrants in the field. How on earth are they going to compete with something on this scale?

Millions of similar products, thousands of similar SKUs, n+ number of competitive websites, deep-pocket e-commerce giants, and every day changing dynamics of the online marketplaces can be overwhelming for ecommerce businesses (both existing and aspiring ones).