"Engagement rings with a single stone, elegant and understated "

The Undying Charm of Solitaire Engagement Rings
Solitaire engagement rings represent timeless elegance and simplicity. Featuring a single, dazzling diamond, these rings highlight pure sophistication. They are perfect for anyone who values classic beauty.
The Allure of Choosing a Solitaire Engagement Ring
Pure Beauty and Simplicity
A solitaire engagement ring emphasizes the diamond's brilliance. With no distractions, the focus remains on the stone's clarity and sparkle. This simplicity makes solitaire rings popular among minimalists.
Versatile and Elegant
Solitaire rings are highly versatile. They pair effortlessly with any wedding band and suit any style. Whether you prefer a traditional or modern look, a solitaire ring will always complement your choice.
Symbol of Unique Love
Selecting a solitaire engagement ring signifies unique love and commitment. The single diamond stands for the singularity of your relationship. It's a timeless choice that endures through the ages.
Discover Vivaan's Exquisite Collection
Superior Craftsmanship
At Vivaan, we pride ourselves on superior craftsmanship. Each solitaire engagement ring is crafted with precision and attention to detail, ensuring exceptional quality and durability.
Diverse Selection
Our collection features a wide array of solitaire engagement rings. From round to princess cuts, you'll find the perfect ring at Vivaan. We offer various settings and band styles to match your personal taste.
Commitment to Ethical Sourcing
We are dedicated to ethical sourcing. All our diamonds are conflict-free, supporting sustainable and responsible practices. Choose a solitaire engagement ring from Vivaan with confidence and peace of mind.
Personalized Design Services
Create Your Dream Ring
Vivaan offers custom design services to help you craft your dream solitaire engagement ring. Our experts will guide you through the process, from selecting the diamond to finalizing the setting, ensuring your vision becomes a reality.