Automatic Garlic skin remove Machine is used to peel garlic clove or remove garlic clove skin. APS Garlic Peeling Machine adopts a pneumatic principle, which will not damage the garlic clove.

The garlic skin remove machine uses a dry peeling method.

The machine uses dry pneumatic principle and needs air compressor matching it to achieve the peeling work.

It has low energy consumption and non-pollution and is damage-free. The peeled garlic clove conforms to the hygiene standards.

we are special design makes the garlic machine.

you can get the peel garlic in good condition, low breakage, smooth surface and non-pollution.


This machine with Auto-temperature control and conveying material.

The garlic could be stored for a long time.

high production efficiency.

it is easy to keep maintenance, low failure rate, etc.


Demo Machine Video

Technical Details

Modal Type : APS GSM100.

Product type : Garlic.

Capacity : 50kg, 100kg.

Material : SS 304.

Size : length 800 x width 800 x height 1800 mm .

Power : 440 volt.

Warranty : 1 year.

Garlic skin remove business

Peel Garlic business is startup in all our India. this business is profitable business. Garlic use every human is eat every day. most hotel and restaurant are use ready made peel garlic. lost of food industries available in India that use garlic process.

We are provide all types of information about garlic processing business.

How to peel garlic business.