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Kemry manufactures different shades of Luster dust whether it is metallic or shimmery. Our finest luster Dust used to decorate sweet confections and give an extraordinary look to it.let you know more about it. Visit our website :-

What is Luster Dust?
Luster Dust is a fine powder that arrives in different metallic and shimmery shades. Its essential use is on cakes, cupcakes, cookies, chocolates, and different sweets, giving them a memorable, unique finish. Dissimilar to other confectionery, Luster Dust confers a simple shine that can transform sweets into stunning works of art. To buy our Luster Dust:-

Kemry’s Luster Dust, which comes in metallic and shimmery finishes, can give a dessert the appearance of being well-made and luxurious. Metallic Luster Dust, with its intelligent properties, gives an intense, charming look. Ideals for events require a bit of complexity, like weddings, commemorations, or upscale gatherings. Shimmery Luster Dust, then again, gives a gentle, glittery impact, ideal for cakes of birthday events, child showers, and other bubbly occasions. Read the Blog about Luster Dust :-
Kemry's Powder Structure Luster Dust is manufactured to make it simple to mix and blend into different mediums like icing or frosting. Bakers can achieve a consistent colour and shimmer throughout their decorations and this adaptability. The fine powder easily dissolves, resulting in a finish that is uniform, smooth, and free of clumps. Contact us on :- +91-9990299766 and mail us on :-