MarTech Interview with Ashleigh Cook, CMO at RainFocus

Ashleigh, before we dive into the discussion, could you please share a bit about your professional background and role as CMO at RainFocus?
I started my career in marketing 15 years ago, and I’m honored to have recently been appointed chief marketing officer at RainFocus – formerly senior vice president of marketing at the company. In my new role, I’m focused on helping high-growth clients establish and scale event marketing functions into their successful global initiatives while continuing to lead the marketing team and driving sustainable growth.
How does RainFocus view the role of micro-events compared to larger campaigns, and how are you kindly incorporating this strategy into your marketing approach?
We’ve found that micro-events or micro-activations can exist on their own but also work well within larger events. There’s been a shift in preference from attendees for more opportunities to connect on an intimate level, outside of, or in addition to, large-scale keynotes. While there is certainly a market for both, brand and event marketers need to be agile and adjust their strategies to meet their customers where they are.
Given budget constraints, how does RainFocus see strategic investments in smaller formats as a solution, and what benefits do you anticipate?
This is a topical concern as many organizations continue to face budget constraints. Micro-events are a pivotal solution, enabling organizers to become inherently strategic with their investment efforts, minimizing the potential “gray area” of budgetary discretions – and leveling the distribution across the board.

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