Rapid Iteration – The right route to success

Quick Iteration, or in the terms of product development – Rapid Evolution. This is our strategy to success. All our teams at Bell are encouraged to Fail. Not just to fail, but to

Fail Fast
Fail Often
Fail Forward
We believe this long route is actually the shortest route to success. Confusing as it may seem, evolution is rarely a revolution when it comes to product development. It is a requirement that our thinking has to often be revolutionary for innovation… but we also take the tried and tested evolutionary path to improving our products and services. Multiple versions, revisions and amendments are common at Bell, in all our eleven teams. What we have actually learnt over the years, is that it is better to learn as a small team, to document our learning, and to grow gradually but with firm foundations. To learn by failing, in our understanding, is actually our best way to learn. This is what the great scientists and discoverers of all times have always realised.