Rethinking Social Media Strategies: Why Traditional Channels Aren’t Cutting It Anymore

Today, social media feeds are full of ads, sponsored posts, and videos from influencers promoting the latest finds. The amount of content in feeds is increasing, to more than what customers can consume, leaving organic posts to become invisible and inundated by sponsored content. The more content is published, the more organic reach falls naturally. Because of this, social platforms are becoming a less viable channel for driving traffic.

Social media is a vital marketing tool for every company, but some brands have already cut back on their social engagement, emphasizing their outlook for building meaningful connections with their customers. With 90% of the U.S. population on social media, brands can’t “just leave.” Although social media presence is important, it is also equally important to be engaged with a targeted audience, which is where social media falls short. Social media is great for touchpoints and one-way interactions, but to really connect with customers and open up the door for long-term loyalty, brands must turn to channels that allow them to collect higher-quality data and build two-way, meaningful relationships.

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