SAP MM Training & SD Certification in South Africa at Prompt Edify

Prompt Edify offers comprehensive training programs in SAP MM (Materials Management) and SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) designed to equip professionals with the skills needed to excel in their respective fields. These training programs are ideal for individuals seeking to enhance their expertise and career prospects in the SAP ecosystem.

SAP MM Training
Course Content:

Introduction to SAP MM: Understanding the basics of the Materials Management module.
Master Data: Handling material master, vendor master, purchasing info records, and source list.
Procurement Process: End-to-end procurement cycle, including purchase requisition, purchase order, and goods receipt.
Inventory Management: Techniques for managing inventory, stock transfers, and stock movements.
Invoice Verification: Processes for invoice handling and reconciliation with purchase orders.
Material Valuation and Account Determination: Understanding valuation methods and automatic account assignments.
Reporting and Analysis: Tools and methods for reporting and analyzing material data.

Hands-On Experience: Practical exercises and real-world scenarios to build competency.
Expert Instructors: Guidance from industry experts with extensive SAP MM experience.
Certification Preparation: Comprehensive preparation for SAP MM certification exams.
SAP SD Certification
Course Content:

Introduction to SAP SD: Fundamentals of the Sales and Distribution module.
Master Data Management: Customer master, material master, and pricing conditions.
Sales Order Processing: Steps involved in creating and managing sales orders.
Shipping and Transportation: Managing delivery, shipping, and transportation processes.
Billing and Invoicing: Procedures for billing customers and managing invoices.
Credit Management: Techniques for credit control and risk management.
Sales Reporting and Analysis: Tools for generating and analyzing sales reports.
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