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Today, I want to share with you a classic South Indian dish, dosa! Dosa is a thin, crispy crepe-like pancake made from fermented rice and lentil batter. It is often... Read More

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Cattle Feed Manufacturer in Punjab

Baldev Mehta Khal is a cattle feed manufacturer in Punjab. Our main goal is to provide superior quality feed to the cattle industry. We use the finest ingredients and modern... Read More

Cattle Feed Manufacturer in Amritsar

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Best Rice in India for Daily Use

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Basmati Rice Manufacturer in Punjab

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Rice Manufacturer in India – Abida rice

Abida Basmati Rice is a leading rice manufacturer in India. It is known for its superior quality, aroma, and taste. The company sources its rice from the best farmers in... Read More

Rice Manufacturer in Punjab – ABIDA RICE

Abida Basmati Rice is a top-quality rice manufacturer located in Punjab, India. Abida specializes in producing the finest quality long-grain Basmati Rice, which is highly sought after for its unique... Read More

Absolute Shawarma is Fastest Growing Shawarma Franchise in India. We have 25+ Outlets in 10+ Cities and Still Growing. Our customers expect, and are served, high-quality Shawarmas at reasonable prices.... Read More

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